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Mobile Media Made Easy
iZigg Webinar Online 2/5/11 - 1 Hour
Social Proof + Live Dashboard Review

Social Connect - How To
Connect to Facebook and Twitter
all texts will update to both pages

Mobile Picture Delivery
Send pictures to customers
along with all information

iZigg Training Videos
View the complete library of
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iZigg is revolutionizing communication!

Put your company in better communication with customers, employees and associates using the iZigg dashboard from your computer or mobile device.

click a button below to watch the training video or click here to choose from a complete list of training videos
click this link to watch how easy it is to send text messages to customers, employees, and associates with the iZigg Platform click this link to watch how easy iZigg makes it to update your facebook and twitter pages while messaging to your pre-arranged and organized groups of customers, employees or associates click this link to watch how easy iZigg makes it to load pictures and information onto a mobile landing page for your customer to view in just seconds
iZigg allows you to utilize the power of text messaging for all marketing and communication with customers, employees, and associates. You can send a message NOW or SCHEDULE it to send in at a future time and reach your targeted audience with ease.

The SIMPLE to use iZigg dashboard can be accessed from your computer or smart phone. You can even send mass text messages right from your own cell phone's standard text messaging platform.

It's 100% opt-in based, so you only send to people who want to hear from you and your business and reputation are protected. Recapture the business of every customer you ever serve or sell to. You can setup as many users from your company as you want and grant them access to only the areas of the dashboard you allow. You have complete control of all communication to your customers, employees and associates, and anyone you setup as a user can access and send messages to selected groups of subscribers from templates you create or they can create and send their own unique message.

With iZigg you and your sales team can:
Send mass text messages with information about upcoming sales, events, promotions and incentives, and anything else you want to get out to your customers in just seconds.
Setup and send automatic appointment reminders to clients and customers.
Setup unlimited mobile landing pages with information and up to 5 pictures in seconds and send a link to clients or customer(s) - check out this sample page.
Send Updates & Specials to all customers or select categories of customers in your database.
Send information and reminders for meetings, project updates, daily notes, training info, or any other messages to your employees and associates.
Follow up with customers via text message quickly and effectively.
Assign your customers, employees, and associates to different categories and groups so you can send information to only the people who need to receive it with the click of a button.