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Ephesoft will increase your profitability by increasing the efficiency in your document scanning and filing

Ephesoft DOCUMENT SCANNING allows your organization to electronically file all of your important documents for more efficient filing and retrieval.

This SIMPLE to use platform can be accessed from any computer within your organization.

The Ephesoft platform has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities which will extract specific data from each scanned or imported document to import to your database and to be used for any business purpose.

With Ephesoft you and your team can:
Create a virtually paper-less filing system.
Maintain consistent filing system for efficient document retrieval from multiple regional locations.
Extract data from scanned documents for use in any department or business function.
Custom design your Document Scanning system to meet your organizational needs and Save a lot of time and training from dealing with the overkill of most systems at a fraction of the cost.
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iZigg will increase your profitability by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication

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iZigg allows you to utilize the power of text messaging for all dealership communications with customers, employees, and associates.

This SIMPLE to use platform can be accessed from your computer or smart phone. You can even send mass text messages from your own cell phone.

It's 100% opt-in based, so you only send to people who want to hear from you. You can setup as many users as you want and grant them access to only the areas of the module you decide. You have complete control of all communication to your customers, and anyone you setup as a user can access and send messages from templates to groups of subscribers you setup.

With iZigg you and your sales team can:
Send mass text messages with information about upcoming sales, events, factory promotions and incentives, and anything else you want to get out to your customers in just seconds.
Setup and send automatic appointment reminders for Sales and Service customers.
Setup unlimited mobile landing pages with vehicle info and up to 5 pictures in seconds and send a link to customer(s) - check out this sample page.
Send Service Specials to all customers or select categories of customers in your database.
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